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Just like any sport, Pickleball has many words that are unique to it. Do you know what a "Nasty Nelson" is or an Ernie? How about an ATP? Do you even care? These are all very specific to Pickleball and you can find the answers by going to the PRP website ( . Or go to the website and click on the RESOURCES tab and you should should see a another tab called TERMINOLOGY.

Click on it and you will find a glossary of words and their meaning as it relates to Pickleball.

Fairly soon, you will be able to register for different events as we begin to roll out our new offerings. You will see words in those descriptions that you should understand.

Words such as Round Robin, Shoot Out, Ladder League, Rally scoring, Team Reach, Skinny Singles, and DUPR are all words you should have a basic understanding of their meaning.

Knowing these terms will help you understand the nature of the league or event you are registering for.

Rumor has it that you will be able to view our first six week rollout of leagues and educational opportunities in the next day or two. Then within a week, you will be able to register for those things of interest to you. Keep in mind that you have to be a PRP member in order to register. If you don't know, an easy way to tell is to see if your name is on the membership listing on our website. If you think you are a member, but not on the member list, contact any of the Board and they will investigate and get back to you.

It is important for everyone to know that we now have to start renting courts from the County so that we can count on them being available for our events. Registration fees will cover those rental fees and associated equipment needed to run them. We think you will find them very reasonable for what you get. As you know, we are an organization powered by unpaid volunteers trying our best to provide you play and educational Pickleball opportunities.

The Pandemic came and we are still here! The Hurricane came and we are still here!! I don't think Pickleball is going away any time soon!!

Lets continue to Learn, Love, and Laugh playing this silly game with a word called "PICKLEBALL"


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