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A couple of months ago, PeaceRiverPicklers quietly began a Monday night Community Round Robin at the new dedicated courts at South County. Through word of mouth and photos on facebook, the event quickly filled to its capacity of 35 players and many came an hour early just to make sure they could sign up. Others who came a half hour early were turned away because we will full. So, we have created a registration process for this event on the club website ( . Click on the SCHEDULE tab at the top of the menu and then on the COMMUNITY ROUND ROBIN SIGNUP to register. Only sign up if you are SURE you will be there. Don't be a BAD BIRD!. Be an EARLY BIRD and sign up soon.

Note: this is a social event and every 12 minutes (timed games), you will play with a different person. Scores are not kept or posted. This is a time for fun, social interaction, and exercise. It is also an opportunity for you to play people you don't know and work on your game.


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