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When registration opens up soon, you will be wondering where you fit in from a skill level point of view. An easy and reasonable question. Clubs all over the country deal with this question. Some clubs even have rating committees that will attempt to answer that question for you. There are even private organizations that (for a fee) will assess your play and give you a rating. Such a simple question!

The PRP website has a page dedicated to this question and you will find it (SKILL LEVEL GUIDE) under the resources menu. All you need to do is determine which level you are in. No problem, right. Well, not so fast. We are human and while this list is objective in nature, everyone sees themselves through different lenses so your personal assessment may not be spot on.

So how do you answer this simple Skill Level question? If you play sanctioned tournaments, that experience will quickly give you a rating based upon scores and outcome. But wait, the preponderance of our club does not play competitively, and have no intention of doing so.

This is where DUPR enters the picture. We will have a separate communication devoted to this topic coming soon. DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating and it is a rating system designed for rec and competitive play. It is really the only rating system designed for Rec play as well as competitive. Click on the highlighted blue link for more information on DUPR.

PRP encourages everyone to download the APP and create a free account. In fact, many of our offerings will require participants to have a DUPR account. It is the only way for us to best match skill levels for our respective events. After you join DUPR, you are also encouraged to join the PeaceRiverPicklers DUPR club so that we can have our own space dedicated to our members.

DUPR is not perfect and it will take some time for all of us to have ratings that can be fully used in determining which league or event you are best suited for. More on DUPR later.

Did we mention that our schedule will be coming out soon! The first week for leagues will be Sept 11th and most of these events will run 6 weeks.


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