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We are sure you have all heard this phrase before so let's apply it to our Pickleball community. Who could have predicted the absolute undeniable growth of this little sport we call Pickleball that was created in 1965.

Now that some have found religion with this sport, there are some who would just as soon like to see the growth spurt slow down or even stop. You will hear them ask, these are my courts, where did all these people come from? They will tell you they are entitled to play because they are a taxpayer (aren't we all). They will be frustrated when they see the impact of this Pickleball explosion on court availability.

There will certainly be concerns voiced as more and more northerners come back to crowded court. Lets all be civl to each other, be patient, and take the time to meet new friends while waiting a little longer to play.

Peace River Picklers (PRP) is now at an all time high of 763 members with new members joining every week. Our purpose is to share our love of this great sport and promote it within our community. We provide clinics, drills, and leagues for our members. You enjoy the camaraderie of others as you participate in these club offerings. Unfortunately, the county (like many around the country) has not been able to keep up with the demand.

So, we find ourselves extremely challenged to be "all things to all people". Obviously, we will never get there. Our primarily allegiance is to our club members but we cannot ignore the pressure our activities place on the various venues we play at. It has already become contentious at times and we can imagine the pressure that will come when snowbirds return to courts already filled to the brim with happy new players.

What we can tell you is PRP puts countless hours into coming up with a balanced schedule for our league and clinic offerings. We consider impact on community courts when we do our planning. We follow county protocols for reserving courts. Other groups have also found the only dedicated courts in the county and rent them as well.

All this to say that your Board takes its job very seriously and is constantly looking for input on how to improve our programming. We welcome your ideas and comments. Just send them to : You can also catch any of the Board members at the various venues they play at or find their contact information on the club website.

They include Dave Pike, David Brotzman, Heather Washik, John Hace, Eric Hutlas, and Renee Jackson.

In closing, we will soon be announcing our next series of club offerings for you, our members. That series will begin on October 23rd.

We are excited to see "what we have asked for" come alive in this community and enhance your life with Laughter, Exercise, and new friendships all because of "Pickleball".

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Thank you for all your hard and efforts. Greatly appreciated.

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PRP are a fantastic group. Thats why I drove from Venice 3 times a week!

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Great job

thank you for a clear explanation of public court availability trying to balance the use for PRP organized programs and open play.

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