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Obviously, this catchy phrase came along well before Pickleball! But in the case of pickleball, players are coming at a far faster rate than court availability. One could argue that having to wait to get on the courts is part of its success. We meet new friends while waiting every day when we put our paddles in the rack and wait to play. So is this growth a lemon or lemonade? Is the glass half empty or half full?

If you are currently playing in the Peace River area, there is already a great deal of pressure on available courts. We wonder what will happen when the part timers find their way back down to spend the winter?

This week, Peace River Picklers will probably see the club exceed 700 members. Holy crap! That is a lot of people playing and supporting the club. There are some who no longer play but still renew their memberships as a way of paying it forward to future players. A big thank you to them!

Your PRP Board has been particularly hard at work putting together a schedule that allows educational and playing opportunities for everyone. In fact, our schedule for the first six weeks will involve approximately $5,000 in court reservation fees!! Hard to believe.

With that said, our upcoming schedule provides 21 different offerings for you to consider at 3 different venues and that schedule is now available on the PRP Website. Click on the schedule tab and you will see a drop down menu that shows opportunities at each location.

Now we will focus on preparing league leaders and establishing a registration process that you will use to sign up. We hope to have registrations up and running late next week. For most offerings, there will be fees to offset the cost of reservations and related equipment. Generally speaking, each league session will be $5 per person or $30 to register for a 6 week league. Still a bargain.

Stay tuned....


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