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Well, as a community, we have gone through a-lot the past few years with Covid and then Hurricane Ian. Many are still craving for the "new normal" whatever that is.

Like everyone, PeaceRiverPicklers has had it challenges during this period and we are now beginning to define our "new normal".

We have a lot of plans for you, our supporters and members who have stayed with us through all of this. We will soon be announcing our schedule for play and learning opportunities. Within a couple of weeks you will be able to register for these events on the club website.

This message is also the start of a "new normal" for the club as we are moving away from the traditional newsletter in favor for more short email blasts with more frequency allowing for more timely communication with all of you. This change will make the information more cell phone friendly and allow for you to search past postings that you have an interest in.

So, hang on to your hat; good changes are coming that we think you will like.


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