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Currently Pickleball has an estimated 36.5 million players in the United States and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

That growth can also be seen and felt right here in Charlotte County.

On Oct 7th, we had our 800th person join PeaceRiverPicklers. Who would have thought!

Marcia Miller is our 800th person to join Peace River Picklers. Marcia hails from the Northport area and describes herself as a “confident beginner”. Welcome to our Pickleball family!

In honor of this significant occasion, PRP is giving Marcia a $100 gift certificate to Pickleball Central! Congrats Marcia!! We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

As many of you know, this growth is putting tremendous pressure on our community courts and we are trying our best to provide additional programming to our growing club.

One initiative was a free community round robin event which was quickly embraced and enjoyed by our community at large.

We subsequently had to cancel that event due to administrative issues between PRP and the County. To their credit, the County has recognized the merit of event and is now working with PRP to bring this event back. It will be administered by the county but PRP will provide volunteers to help run it. This is a big deal!! Consider this a pilot project and if successful, perhaps we will see additional offerings. We will provide more information as it becomes available.


You go Marcia 👍


 Renee Jackson
Renee Jackson
Oct 10, 2023

awesome !! Thanks county for working with PRP

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