Ricky Riccardo Deller: I'm a player, IPTPA certified coach, and paddle consultant. I have been playing pickleball since 2015 and compete in tournaments locally and nationally.  In pickleball there is no such thing as reaching your peak, this game is still evolving so there is always something to learn and improve on. I focus on fundamental skills, advanced techniques and control. Every lesson is designed to each unique individual to cater to there specific needs.

I also work with kids 6-17 years old, from kids camps, to boys and girls camp and troubled youth at the Compass Center teaching them pickleball. I love my community and the kids are the future, to invest in them is to invest in our own future. A percentage of my earnings is used to provide the kids with basics needs like clothes, toothbrush, shoes etc. Donations are always welcomed and deeply appreciated.

"Ricky" Riccardo Deller