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It has been a long time since PeaceRiverPicklers has been able to say "Open for Business"! It took a great deal of effort by a lot of people to kick this season off and there is an eager group of league volunteers to insure that you all enjoy your time on the courts.

Effective tomorrow morning (Thursday-Aug 31), you will be able to register for leagues and drill opportunities. Just go to and you should see a tab at the top of the page called 'LEAGUE REGISTRATION". Choose the venue (SC=South County/HH=Harbor Heights/CB=Charlotte Beach) and then you will be able to see the schedule and registration offerings under it.

Keep in mind that you must be a PRP Member ($20 a year) to register for one of the club offerings. If you don't recall, you can easily tell by going to the member directory on the website. If your name is there, you are golden. If it is not, and you think it should be, contact any board member and they will investigate on your behalf.

With the exception of one league, all will run 6 weeks beginning the week of September 11. Many of you may not know this but PRP has to rent the courts from the county and the new dedicated courts are four times as expensive as they were when we last rented courts. PRP recoups its expenses by charging a registration fee. The cost is essentially $5 per session (A six week league session would then cost $30)

Thank you for your patience.

Join us as we Learn, Love, and Laugh among new and old pickleball friends.


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