Tom Roelse

After discovering Pickleball in 2015 after relocating to Sarasota County (North Port) with Julie, his wife of over 30 years and with newfound retirement time on his hands, it was easy for Tom to become obsessed with this great game.


With over two decades of Open Level racquetball play, instructional experience as an IPTPA Certified Teach Professional, Tom's patient and fun-loving attitude will help introduce Pickleball to newcomers and properly begin their Pickleball Journey.  For those already addicted players who have some experience but are eager to improve their game or desire to be a tournament player, Tom's passionate and ambitious course of instruction will help guide them in the proper direction.  Individuals, couples, small group lessons and introduction to Pickleball available.  

Phone 941-889-9742



Peace River Picklers Pickleball club is a nonprofit organization established to cultivate the game of Pickleball through social play, competitive leagues and standardized, consistent educational programs for our members.  These activities provide opportunities for players to realize their own potential in an environment that promotes socialization, fun and exercise. 

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